Sunday, August 14, 2011

Untitled Renderings of the Sub Continent

I remember a place called Jinu Danda
town like a nipple
on the lesser of two breasts
bumpy mountain retreat
sandwiched between China
and the ballsweat sub-continent of India
it had behind it
trails to 8000 metre peaks
and below it
rivers that ran to towns
cities, factories, and

I looked up
neck craned at the impossible angle
of futures dreamed
with sweaty palms
and fell
tumbling down
into the river

the dam was sudden
splattered LooneyToon style
and drowned in reality
I craned
and craned
my neck
back and up
where I had been
what had happened to Jinu Dando?
that impossible point on an impossible bossom
breathing hope
or glory