Friday, December 5, 2008

Don't Be Such A Melancholy Bitch At 10am

I wake up to rain. The padlock on my window rusts a little faster. Perhaps one day it will rust through and I might open the anti-theft bars to let in the 7 story tree that I stare at each day.

The rain continues. The rain slows. The rain nearly stops and I know that if I look out my window and down to the street I'll see all the pollution it has picked up making sick little rivers. The construction sounds start again. It's 10:16am.

My friend, the tree outside the window, is looking fresh and clean. There are clustered buds of will-be flowers growing between the leaves. It will bloom for the Spring festival, perhaps in yellow or red.

But I've never seen bees here. All the hummingbirds are kept in cages.


Trekkie Sex said...

i love this. one million times over.

kaare.iverson said...

Thanks Trekkie Sex...I still need to revise it a needs to sound more desperate, I think

samantha said...

It's beautiful Kaare.

I can't say more, or even decifer why. My mind is a jumbled mess of nonsense right now, so I hope this is okay.

kaare.iverson said...

haha, thanks for the compliment. I keep coming back to this theme over and over...I think that says something