Thursday, March 5, 2009

Teaching English as a Second Life

There are 6 folders on my desk. Each folder takes an hour to teach, so each folder represents an hour of work. I hate working for someone else so this work is called labour. There are 6 hours of labour on my desk. I must do them one at a time.

There is one email in my inbox. It is a poignant invitation to work as a photographer in the West Bank of Israel. This is what I want to be doing. I love this idea, so I will call it love. There is one love in my email inbox and I must love it all at once.


Anonymous said...

You got a job offer in Israel?????? wth seriously? That' incredible! but isn't it like..really dangerous right now?

kaare.iverson said...

Well, not terribly. It's kind of always dangerous but I feel reasonably confident that it's all a good move.

Also, it's not really a job offer so much as a volunteer placement kinda thing. I'll tell you more about it later.

samantha said...

That sounds terribly exciting.
I can't wait to hear how it all pans out.

kaare.iverson said...

naw, I got tuned on the deal. It's off now sadly, so I'm in search of other compelling business. I'm going to do a series called "Porn of the Artist" with all the artists that are willing to pose (clothing optional) for themed portraits for me. I figure that that will sate my artistic needs for awhile

samantha said...

Awh shucks. Well...I'm sure something else will come along, you're mighty talented dear sir.

Oh, and if you need any models, I'm game fo sho. Once I get my ribcage tattoo, I want to model for suicide girls.

Maj. Gen. Nathan Sanders said...

Wow... 6 months in and you guys sound like your burning out... all four of you.
Fucking amateurs!