Thursday, October 21, 2010

What America Does

America: a land of plenty; a land of opportunity; a land of stuff.

This is what America has that Australia didn't:

$15 Mobile Phones
Strobist: bare 580exii with 1/2CTO gel from close right of subject
and slightly elevated, left fill from white bounce card (aka some
cardboard from Cindy's Halloween costume package). bare 430exii
with 1/2CTB gel bounced off ceiling. (The vignetting was done in
Lightroom though...)

Drip Coffee
Strobist: foolishly bare 580exii from 45 deg
right of camera and close to subject with
left fill coming from afore mentioned
bounce card. bare 430exii from directly
behind subject with wide beam (a few
metres back)

Pancakes (not crepes)
Strobist: Same as above, but back light is
set at 45 deg back left of subject.

Hybrid Revolution
Strobist: 580exii through 8" softbox 45deg
right of subject, 430exii with full CTO gel
bounced off back wall


jake said...

Kaare, these photo are stellar. Are you trying to tell me that they don't have drip coffee in Australia? Because that is not believable. Don't lie to me, Kaare. Don't do me like that.

kaare.iverson said...

straight up, man
I wouldn't do you like that
they ONLY have espresso based cafes
so like
the most redneck dude has to order things like "Lattes" and "Flat Whites"