Thursday, November 15, 2007

Body Hair Update


I've finally decided to stop using soap in my hair. I'm on day 4 right now and I have to say, "ew". It's effin' disgusting and I don't think that those of Italian decent are genetically capable ... or allowed to do this. So I'm living by this credo:

Save a baby cow,
Use the grease on your head to butter your bread!



Uncut for three weeks now, this is a new record for me. It's gross, and I have to wipe food out of it on a regular basis. I can't eat the local stroganoff because it's too soupy and it gets stuck for indefinite periods of time.

I have to comb it.

I'm a nordic hero.


haleyglenn said...

can you please buzz your head already!

Samantha said...

Have you found any tenants in your beard yet?

That might come in a couple more weeks.

juanita. said...


it sounds like you're on the fast track to becoming a real live bushman.

womp womp.

(and that wasn't meant to be a racial reference)